Interior Design of Timeless Elegance

 Siematic Kitchens are delightful, mystical places where the sounds and odors carry meanings that rewind the past and transcend the future.

It’s a place where links are evident and intimate, where the cooking is never done alone. Endless gatherings encircling friends and family that always cloud time. It’s a place of adventure, where creativity sparks, where there is no pressure to perform, just for souls to be.

The heart and soul of the home. It’s the hype of our surroundings, it’s our endless jokes and countless laughs, it’s the sensations in our bodies, the whirlwind of thoughts running through our minds, the chaotic mess that embodies our lives. It’s our 2 am kitchen cravings, it’s our zen space. When everything blurs out at night and finds its way back in the day.

SieMatic Three Style Collections: PURE URBAN CLASSIC

Whether Pure, Classic or Urban, SieMatic offers the perfect kitchen concept for every home and lifestyle. Designs are carefully crafted using unique materials, exceptional colors and product features, which make kitchens from SieMatic a place for creative encounters.

SieMatic Pure: A spacious, elegant kitchen where happiness hides in its smallest details. SieMatic Pure Line combines function and design into a minimalist beautiful form.

SieMatic Urban: A versatile and unique kitchen style. SieMatic Urban Line is the unconventional mixture of thematic contrasts: simplicity and sophistication, exciting and calming, modest and exotic.

SieMatic Classic: It is where everything is possible and allowed. SieMatic Classic goes beyond the realm of traditional kitchen design to compose a harmonious whole.






Where Heritage Lives On

Scavolini Kitchens are the legacy that lives forever. Kitchens are the sole link between ancestors and their children. A place that embodies a spiritual affinity which makes everyone speak a common language and unite as one scared consciousness. Scavolini kitchens are a historic crescendo of initiatives that stunt yet gracefully adapt like a cosmic wave.

Scavolini kitchens are where we come to understand ourselves and our past. An Italian heritage of 60 years where generations after another form a bond like no other over a boundless series of kitchen conversations.

Scavolini has over 25 design lines, including: Dandy Plus, Evolution, LiberaMenta, Mia, Baccart, Baltimora, Carateere, Delinea, Diesel, Exclusiva, Favilla, and Mood.

Scavolini caters to a wide range of tastes and interests, including those who want to make their own house stand out through design. Every line is able to satisfy any need in terms of style and budget. Thanks to the wide range of the lines, space and quality are taken into consideration to please every taste.


Baltimora 2016


Dandy Plus


Diesel Open Workshop

Diesel Social Kitchen

Easy Kitchen

Evolution 2018




Madeleine 2018



Sax 2018

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